Creative Unity


Creative Unity can summarize and focus our goals as spiritual seekers, creative beings, artists, and musicians. Whatever perspective of life you choose to address, these two words can help properly contextualize and focus your understanding of any subject matter in relation to the greater whole. Every thought and action needs to be widened and deepened in order for the essence of that subject to be irreversibly transformed into the light of the highest creative and unified consciousness.

Creative Unity is an inspiring and empowering insight because it leads us openly towards many spiritual and universal realizations that are important in our journey as individuals and collectives towards a greater peace and unity. Creativity alludes to an expression from a subjective plane of consciousness, whereas Unity implies a complete merging and identification of multiple aspects.

The entire cosmic evolution is based on the principal of duality and our spiritual, philosophical and psychological reconciliation of the illusionary nature of this phenomena is an important step if we are to understand how both the individual and the collective can co-exist and evolve together in harmony. By realizing the manifest universal Prakriti (individual consciousness), as one and the same as the unmaifest, the absolute Purusha (cosmic consciousness) all our actions become liberated from the limitations of the finite and become merged with the infinite creative source.


Creation is not a making, but a Becoming in terms and forms of conscious existence.”

The inspiration to externalize our inner connection with the universal-self comes in the form of aspiration to transcend the limitations of the self. By symbolically expressing this relation through the pursuit of art and beauty, this practice becomes a path of spiritual sadhana and a vehicle that leads us towards an inner identification with the infinite creative source of consciousness. As we progress in our sadhana and the soul-force begins to guide more and more of the limited surface being, we become purified from our lower-nature instincts, and our perception of natures holistic beauty becomes more sublime and filled with the light of Oneness.

The universe is a self-creative process of a supreme Reality whose presence makes spirit the substance of all things, – all things are there as the spirit’s powers and means and forms of Manifestation.


To see all things in the Self and the Self in all.”

Disconnect from the universal Oneness is the root of our ignorant and ego based view of existence. The ego needs to be observed, understood, purified and then transformed into a force that helps to unite all aspects of our being with the whole, rather then segregate individual instincts and forces. By cultivating universal ideals in every aspect of our lives, we can eliminate the illusionary force which empowers ego-based action.  The dissolution of the ego-self into that of a larger, broader collective consciousness aims to elevate the root motive of all individual action into a higher and wider light that benefits the individual, collective and universal. This gradually leads to the descent of greater Truth-consciousness. The more concentrated and immersed we are in cultivating our sadhana, the faster and more efficiently we can move towards the ultimate collective goal of liberation from falsehood.

When all is in agreement with the one Truth or is an expression of it, that is harmony.


-The Mother in Japan

It is the Energy, the movement of consciousness that creates and sustains the universe.”

By breaking our attachment to useless mental chatter, and cultivating a balanced poise of equanimity, we can learn of a more meaningful and integral mode of being and become receptive to higher realms of the Truth-consciousness. With constant concentration and awareness of the most ideal qualities, we aim to transform our surface mentality, broadening and elevating our consciousness to more and more holistic states integral being. The truth-consciousness descends from above the mental and intellectual being, becoming the guiding light of our true Self and the guiding force behind all our actions.  It must be the cause and the effect of all our aspirations, empowering us to harmoniously merging the totality of our being with the supreme Truth.

Consciousness is not only a power of awareness of self and things, it is or also has a dynamic and creative energy.  It can determine its own reactions or abstain from reactions; it can not only answer to forces, but create or put out from itself forces.

All  quotes by Sri Aurobindo