Album Release – The White Lamas

The White Lamas

The White Lamas is a collection of unique sound-iloquies of cross-cultural and Eastern inspired realisations.

Uniting for the first time in an intuitive flow of improvisation, this saxophone trio session captures the mystical and otherworldly conversations of baritone saxophone master David Mott with the Saxophone Brothers, Jonathan and Andrew Kay.

Drawing from a life devoted to the Eastern arts, David Mott is one of Canada’s greatest improvisors who has a unique voice unlike any other baritone saxophonist in the world. After training as jazz musicians, The Kay Brothers have spent much of the last 10 years living in India learning the art of North Indian Classical music with their Guru, which has given them a truly unique language and approach to musical expression on the saxophone.

1. Mountain Quintessence

2. Spirit Triangulation

3. Bardo Thodol

4. Mystical Liminality

5. Forest Distortion

6. The Lost Lama

7. Third Eye

8. Vishwakarman

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