Album Release – Kayos Theory ‘Experiments of Truth’

 Experiments of Truth Studio Recording

“The music born in Matter’s silences”

This album features an experimental recording session which captured one continuous improvised flow of the first interaction between special guest Daniel Carter, one of the early exponents of the New York City Free-Jazz movement in the 1970’s, and members of Kayos Theory, pioneering musicians from Toronto, Canada. It also features the unique and ethereal sounds of the Himalayan Singing Bowls.

Experiments of Truth Suite, created by Jonathan Kay, is a through-composed improvisational vehicle intended to symbolically and mystically express the journey of individual and cosmic consciousness; the Spirit’s fall into obscure and unconscious realms of matter, it’s journey to self-awareness and evolutionary ascent through the physical, psychological and spiritual realms of the cosmos, and it’s liberation back into the Transcendent. Based on the teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the fundamental principals of ancient Indian Philosophy’s path of Nada Yoga, liberation through sound and music, the Suite aims to guide the musician and listener on a meditative journey deep within, establishing a direct identification and connection with the Inner being.


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Produced by Amandine Pras
Co-produced by Jonathan and Andrew Kay

Daniel Carter – flute, clarinet, trumpet, soprano-alto-tenor saxophones
Jonathan Kay – tenor and soprano saxophones
Andrew Kay – alto saxophone, Himalayan singing bowls
Derek Gray – drums and cymbals
Julian Anderson-Bowes – upright bass