Album Release – Early Evening Odyssey

Jonathan Kay & Ciro Montanari 

Early Evening Odyssey

Jonathan’s first solo North Indian Raga music album features the early evening Raga Purvi. The above sky-scape picture perfectly reflects in nature  Purvi’s ethereal mood and mystical atmosphere.

This recording was performed on the most current evolution of the Shrutiphone, a customized and modified tenor saxophone that Jonathan has created to better express the just (pure) tuning system of Indian classical music and the subtle shrutis (microtonal inflections).

Accompanied on tabla by Ciro Montanari, a senior disciple of Sankha Chatterjee, the duo plays Ragas Purvi and Kedar eloquently in both the vocal (gayaki) and instrumental (tantrakari) styles, respectively.

The last piece, Mirror Image, is a contemporary Raga creation by Jonathan which utilizes a western mode of music, explored and improvised in North Indian music form.

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