Jonathan Kay

“Resting in the peaceful Soul of Indian Classical music;

emanating from the creative Heart of Jazz improvisation.”


Being a young and talented pathfinder, Jonathan is exploring undiscovered musical realms which unite the spirit of the East with the creativity of the West in a never before realized synthesis of musical expression.

My Journey




  • "a serious multiinstrumentalist/multiculturalist performer. Ah, now that's truly and wonderfully Canadian!"
  • "Been listening to your album .. amazing Ragdaari bro! That's some new ground you're creating.”
  • "Your article is extremely well written and an eye opener not only to the students but to the teachers as well. Through your own experiences and understanding, you have convincingly reaffirmed the spiritual power of Indian Raga Music. The scale with free jazz at one end and western classical at the other is most interesting. This is indeed a must read for all lovers of Indian raga music. It has been a pleasure knowing you closely and witnessing your development as a musician and a human being. May the almighty bless you.”
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North Indian Raga Music

Jonathan’s big stage premiere of the Shrutiphone (custom modified saxophone) at the prestigious Ramakrishna Mission, Golpark, Kolkata.

Raga Bhimpalashri on Esraj

Jonathan’s premier solo Esraj recital for Toronto’s Raagmala in 2017.

Jonathan Kay & Dan Weiss Duo

Rasarang – a contemporary Raga creation by Jonathan Kay

Resolution (John Coltrane)

Affirmation featuring David Liebman

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Cross-Cultural Musical Transcendence

My journey into the spirit of musicality

News from around the Globe

My recent activities
Kayos Theory CD release featuring David Liebman

Kayos Theory CD release featuring David Liebman

Kayos Theory took to the stage at the Rex Hotel in Toronto on July 28th and 29th with a very...

Album Release – Kayos Theory ‘Experiments of Truth’

Album Release – Kayos Theory ‘Experiments of Truth’

 Experiments of Truth Studio Recording “The music born in Matter’s silences” This album features an experimental recording session which captured...

Album Release – Early Evening Odyssey

Album Release – Early Evening Odyssey

Jonathan Kay & Ciro Montanari  Early Evening Odyssey Jonathan’s first solo North Indian Raga music album features the early evening...

Album Release – The White Lamas

Album Release – The White Lamas

The White Lamas The White Lamas is a collection of unique sound-iloquies of cross-cultural and Eastern inspired realisations. Uniting for...

Premiere Solo Esraj Recital

Premiere Solo Esraj Recital

For a Raga sadhak, there is no more auspicious day than Guru Purnima, a day when we worship the Guru...

New York City Concerts – August, 2017

New York City Concerts – August, 2017

New York City hold a special place in the global evolution of the arts and has always been a center...

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